Lenders aren’t just checking your credit file for Defaults and County Court Judgements, they are profiling your entire credit history, indebtedness and lifestyle choices. So it’s important to present your application to the right lender for you and to get that application right first time.

Why Use a Broker?

There are so many types of mortgages available that it is easy to become confused and frustrated. Opting for the product offering the lowest headline rate of interest may not be as attractive as it first appears once you’ve taken into account the booking fees, arrangement fees, conditional insurances, higher lending charge premiums and early redemption charges.
 Our aim is to help make those decisions.

Why Wise About Money Ltd?

We are not tied in to any lender, which means that we act entirely on your behalf & represent your best interests. We make it easy for you and you can expect:

  • Full advice and recommendation on products from the whole of the market
  • Tailored advice to ensure you get the most appropriate product for your needs and circumstances
  • With you from start to finish in your journey
  • Simplified process, dealing with your application swiftly and efficiently
  • Helping you with insurance decisions to ensure your mortgage and family are protected
  • Arrange your buildings and contents, cover to start at the right moment

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What types of Mortgages are available?

We are happy to discuss and review mortgage requirements for any property, some of the most common we are asked about include:

Buying your first home is an education. We are here to provide guidance and a helping hand.

Is it more cost effective to stay with the current lender or switch to a new bank, we’ll help figure it out

Any adverse credit, however small, can affect the type of mortgage you can qualify for. We’ll need to investigate and plan

Here to help build and secure your property empire for you

Can you get this done quick? We can prioritise your application for speed

Yes, they still exist and are subject to some very rigorous lending criteria

For those living or returning from abroad needing UK property finance

Retired and asset rich, cash poor, these mortgages allow you to draw funds from your property where normal lending won’t

Please note that a lifetime mortgage is a long term commitment which could accumulate interest and is secured against your home. Equity release is not right for everyone and may reduce the value of your estate. * Arranged by Introduction only.

Mortgage checklist